A collaboration of like-minded producers who share a common vision of creating wines from specific vineyard sites across the Cape Winelands. The focus is on crafting wines which reveal the typicity of each site, rather than the simple manufacturing of commercial styles. The wines are produced exclusively from:

  •    • Single Vineyards
  •    • Estates
  •    • Ward specific sites

Our members are made up of a collection of small independent producers together with single family generation winemakers producing wine from their respective estates. We believe that through Cape Site Specific we can start to educate, inform and change perceptions of the national and international Trade, Media and consumers on the significance of our diversity within our respective appellations.

Although all producers don’t necessarily believe in all four aspects of terroir, we agree that it has an influence on the character and identity of our wines which cannot be duplicated or imitated somewhere else. We believe in wines with a fingerprint, with an identity and a sense of place!

Cape Wine 2018 will be our Launchpad that will create the opportunity to collaborate with each other and work with more like-mined producers in future.

Our long term strategy is to introduce the concept of Cape Site Specific to the international market place with considerable emphasis on maintaining our collaborative efforts and value creation for both business and consumer. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” African Proverb